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Loch Ken in south west Scotland is a truly beautiful place. It has some hidden gems lurking in its depths in the form of pike and even more so, perch. Finding them is a different matter entirely as the loch is 10 miles long and these fish are as wild as they come.

All year I had looked forward to the kayak angling competition held there. This was to be its second year. On the day, fishing proved difficult. I managed a few perch in the morning, the best being a fish of 39cm.

All day I struggled to find any pike. Only 2 small jacks having a last minute lunge at my lure as I lifted it to my kayak. For the last 10 minutes I fished a bay close to the camp site and weigh in. It all looked very ‘fishy’ but i just couldn’t connect with any pike at all. I decided to have one last cast before heading in. low and behold a pike hit my lure hard and my rod bent over. Not a huge fish but very welcome to say the least. My over all length put me in 8th position for the weekend, which I was happy with since I had found the day so challenging.

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