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I bought the Kilroy DT with the idea of using it as the perfect “guide” kayak. The platform and design is laid out perfectly to have one angler in the back focusing on paddling/guiding while the other stands/sits in the front focusing solely on fishing and not having to worry about boat control or position. Upon receiving the boat and getting it out on to the water the first time, I was not disappointed! Fishing in this manner and style from this kayak really allows for its true potential to shine.


We launched early on the morning with the idea of getting on some late fall musky on the fly. My fishing partner Logan (the one who landed the behemoth of a musky out of the Coosa HD) would start the day off in the front. We paddled and fished our was through some great looking water only to have one follow. Around mid morning we decided to switch off and it was my turn to play the part of angler. I hadn’t been in the front of the boat 15 minutes before our luck would change.


I was casting a large two hooked articulated fly towards a promising log jam when the fish ate mid retrieve. At first I though I had a largemouth on when all of the sudden the fish decided to go airborne. We got the fish to the net and low and behold it was a small sub legal musky measuring in at 28 inches. The legal size in West Virginia is 30 inches even though we strictly practice catch, photo, release.


While it might not be my biggest musky, it certainly was one of the more feisty ones that I have encountered and a great way to break in the new boat. The Kilroy DT has many applications as both a solo paddled and tandem fished kayak. I highly recommend it for the type of fishing described above. Any time anyone is passing through the great state of West Virginia and wants to get out and see what all the hype is about, feel free to look me up!

Tight lines folks,