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(rigging our kayaks at the launch)

My first musky fishing trip resulted in my fellow unnamed anglers and I catching no musky. Apparently, that is just something you have to get used to when you go musky fishing in creeks and rivers. This day, the four of us hit a middle Tennessee river with a Jackson Kayak Kilroy, two Coosa HDs, and I was in a pre-production Cuda HD.


(a Shallow Invader shoulder-wrecker)


(meaty musky fly offerings)

The musky is referred to as the “fish of 10,000 casts” for a reason. They are notoriously picky ambush predators. And so, just getting a musky to follow your lure can be a win on some fishing days.


(having the Leverage Landing Net on the deck of the Cuda HD was a little presumptuous this day)

It was a workout slinging four and five ounce lures on heavy swimbait rods. If the musky is a fish of 10,000 heaves, I am going to have to train for a few triathlons so I can come close to being able to chunk those lures over the course of a five-mile float! I am going to go ice my shoulder now.


(Corey Galloway’s collection of musky lures)