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Now I know there is some debate on spinnerbaits when it comes to some fishermen. Some fisherman will not even throw a spinnerbait because it’s “too easy to catch fish on” and then there are some fishermen (like myself) that love these baits and enjoy their versatility. You don’t have to just fish these when it’s overcast and windy although I have caught many fish with the spinnerbait on these text book days.
I love throwing any size spinnerbait and especially ones with over sized Colorado blades on them. Typically I use a Fish Mob Lures spinnerbait in ½ oz with a #5 brass or gold cupped Colorado and a #3 nickel reg Colorado blade. The color I choose most of the time is white. I’ve had luck on black ones and brown ones but white has always seemed to work for me a majority of the time. The sun doesn’t matter either, contrary to what you may have heard. Cast to the shade and as you come out of the darkness a bass is likely to slam the bait as it leaves for the light. No wind? No problem. This is usually the best time to slow roll the bottom.
With the oversized Colorado blade you can swim the lure super slow even with a ½ oz weighted one. I will typically throw these on the edge of a weed bed. This allows for excellent strikes from bass dug in to the weeds waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim by. I have also used these in heavy submerged weeds and what I found that is when you are reeling in the lure and you snag into some weeds, I generally rip these super hard out of the weeds and let it fall. This is commonly known as the rip method or “rippin”. Bass seem to like this method and pounce on the bait as soon as it moves super fast and then the bass just goes primitive and hits the fast moving object with their well developed eyesight. Another method I use is casting into heavy cover and bump it off everything you can. It is always a good idea to bend the blade arm down on your spinnerbait) a bit to give more of a weedless and snag proof. I’m not saying that won’t happen but it’ll make it more difficult and you will get more casts than snags. I’ll even wake fish these on the very top of the water creating a wake off the blades. If you break the surface the blade will make a really nice “bloop” sound.
Bottom line is that this is a great lure for many situations. Experiment with different sizes too. I have often thrown a ¼ oz Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait, you guessed it, in white and killed it in various locations. Sometimes the fish want to chase a bait fish of smaller size depending on the time of year.