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Kayak fishing has always been a place I can escape too to avoid the every day stresses of life. The second I pick up that rod and launch my kayak into the water, I leave all my worries on the bank. Kayak fishing is a sport that cannot be replicated, the feeling you get on the water is beyond comparison, its just you and nature. This is one of the few sports that really show you the true beauty of the outdoors. I have yet to discover a sport that is more peaceful, exiting, and as nature oriented as kayak fishing.

I first got into kayak fishing around the age of ten. I saved up and bought a brand new Jackson Coosa. I decided to go the kayak fishing route simply because I did not want the stresses of all the electronic and moving parts that can break or damage on boats. This decision soon showed to be only one of the many advantages of kayak fishing. Being able to go into nature without any electronics to depend on completely changes your fishing experience. I’ve fished out of bass boats for years, and a large majority of bass boat fishing is electronic or mechanical. Whether its using fish finders, a GPS, or a boat engine, bass boat fishing is always heavily dependent on electronics to allow you to effectively fish your water of choice.


With kayak fishing this isn’t the case. Your able to go to bed at night without stressing wether you plugged the boat in or not, or if you filled the gas tank for the morning trip. This aspect is a game changer. I have found that these electronics come as a distraction to me while fishing, and that I actually fish more effectively without them. And kayak fishing has allowed me to do this. Although this may be the case for many, there are others that would disagree and would rather these accessories. This is why Jackson has created kayaks that are fully customizable wether it be Power Poles, fish finders, lights, or nothing at all. Whatever the case may be, Jackson Kayaks has the kayak to fit your exact needs.

Customization of your kayak is a big advantage to kayak fishing, buts its just one of many. Kayaks allow you to be a much more stealthy fisherman and access places that most bass boats could never reach. Your able to launch and
retract your boat from many access points or bodies of water that boats have no access too. This is a huge advantage when fishing in overfished areas, your now able to reach the fish that aren’t heavily pressured and maximize productivity on your body of water. There is also no 150 horse power motor on the back of you kayak which makes fish much less prone to spooking when paddling up to your fishing spot of choice. This comes in handy when you need to get up close and personal to make precise accurate casts on finicky fish. All these attributes are what caused me to fall in love with kayak fishing. Jackson Kayaks have completely changed the way I fish. I’ve became a much more efficient, stealthy, and knowledgeable fisherman since I made the switch to kayak fishing and I would strongly recommended it to anyone who is trying to take their fishing skills to the next level.


Although these advantages are what initially lead me into kayak fishing, I began to become more connected to the sport in a spiritual way. Kayak fishing had morphed into a stress reliever for me. The feeling of launching your kayak into the water, just you, a rod, and nature is like no other. This sport showed me the true beauty of nature and made me truly appreciate the outdoors. I gained this passion at a very young age and it has sticked with me ever since, and I have kayak fishing to thank for that. It has created a place for me to escape to and do something that I truly love and enjoy. I would recommend this sport to anyone who wants to experience the outdoors, catch more fish, and have fun doing it. I have yet to discover a sport that can replicate the level of excitement, relaxation, adrenaline, and nature orientation that kayak fishing produces.