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  1. Thou shalt always wear your lifejacket
  2. Thou must dress to flip
  3. Thou shalt share your plan/timeline with someone
  4. Thou shalt tether any gear that does not float
  5. Thou shalt support and spread the addiction
  6. Thou shalt never eat a banana on thou kayak
  7. If thou paddle through rapids, thou must keep paddling
  8. Thou shalt enjoy every second on the water no matter the catch
  9. Thou shalt be stealthy and fish unseen waters
  10. Thou shalt give a smirk when you land a great catch near a boat ramp

Photo Credit: Joe Maione

These are 10 commandments that will not only help you stay safe but let you and others enjoy our amazing sport.  While I’m sure you could add even more to the list we will stick with these couple.  Now, let’s break them down a little.

Commandment 1) Stay safe on the water!  No matter the depth or temp, wear your pfd.  Everything can change in a blink of an eye.  Find one that fits you comfortably, zip up, and stay safe.

Commandment 2) Whether going through rapids, a boat wake, wind, or fighting an awesome catch, you could turtle.  Be ready by not only wearing your lifejacket, but dress in clothes that will dry quickly and keep you safe.  If you are paddling in cold water wear a drysuit, dry separates, or something to keep you dry.  In warmer water and air temps, avoid wearing anything cotton and clothes that hold water.  Instead find wicking materials that dry fast so you can stay comfortable if something were to happen.

Commandment 3) Again with the safety.  Let a loved one know where you are going and when you plan on being back.  If you live by yourself, leave the plan on the kitchen table or counter.  Heaven forbid something would happen but if something did at least your family would know where to start searching for you.

Commandment 4) How many times have you accidently dropped something in the drink or lost  when you turtled?  It happens so quickly and randomly be prepared.  Leash your gear if it doesn’t float so you can easily get it back on your yak.

Commandment 5) Our fantastic sport is very addicting.  Let’s help it grow by staying friendly and sharing our addiction with others.  Also, let’s help support folks who are getting into it.  Whether or not they have a top of the line kayak or gear, lets welcome them and everyone into our community!

Commandment 6) We’ve all heard the superstition, no bananas on the boat.  If you believe in them, make sure you avoid eating or having a banana on the yak.  For that matter, stick with any other superstition  you may have for a boat.

Commandment 7) This one is from my personal experiences.  When fishing and paddling through rapids, don’t stop paddling!  You lose your momentum and the water that crashes overboard can easily flip you.  Stay focused and keep paddling!

Commandment 8) Whether you do a lot of catching or casting practice take the time to just enjoy the fact you are out on the water.  Listening to the wildlife, targeting your favorite species, and being outdoors.  Enjoy every one of these moments.

Commandment 9) One of the fantastic aspects of kayak fishing is you can be stealthy.  We can go into waters where glitter rockets are unable and we can gently glide over picturesque areas.  Stay stealthy and target that monster in some unseen waters.

Commandment 10) We have all dreamed about it and some of us are lucky enough to have experienced it.  No need to completely rub it in the glitter boats face but one must smirk with glee when you land a monster near the ramp.

photo cred: Joe Maione