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One of my favorite things I love about being on Team JK is our collaborative efforts to grow the sport through paddle education and instruction to our local communities! Stephen Wright and I team up for the second year in a row to organize and coach a Bombproofing Roll/Bracing Clinic for my local Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts club.

Stephen join us at our local pool session at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN to coach a 1.5 hour long clinic helping paddlers develop skills to learn to roll 100% of the time. Participates came away from the class learning what to practice so that their whitewater roll will be reliable, fast, and fun! All the clinic participates finished the evening a little tired and sore from lots of different drills, but they had big smiles on their faces from adding some new skills to their paddling tool box. Stephen truly inspired new found confidence in this clinic. 🙂

Check out Jerry Griffin’s video link of some of the highlights of this clinic here!