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Many days have passed since my last report and some days have passed since the LKO 2016 in Karlskrona. Had to do a lot of work and many things happened – Eva and I got our first baby and we had so much to organize and to do.
But at the moment our lovely little “Maja Kristin” is sleeping, so I found some minutes to check my SD-Cards and take a look at all the videos and photos that were taken on the LKO 2016, the trainings days before and the days after.
One week before the event we arrived at Gunnars and I had some time out on the water. I tried to find out what works best, several flies were tested, some rods and some lines.

The days before the event I had great days out on the water and caught many pikes on the fly. On the first competition day I had to find some fishing buddies because it is not allowed to fish alone due to safety-first-regulations and Eva couldn’t take place because of her preggy-belly. So I asked two nice Swedish fly-fishing-guys, Daniel Holm and Peter Hemmingsen, to go out together and it really was a lot of fun with this guys.
2As we arrived on the first good spot, I recognized that I forgot all my flies in the car 😉 (I spent many hours the days before on finding out which flies could work best, loool)
Peter gave me one of his nice flies and what can I say: I caught nice pikes and had the best result among all the fly fishers during the event. THANKS Peter for giving me your catching fly!!!

(The moment when you notice that the fish is not as big as you hoped for 😉

And these experiences are exactly what the “Jan Liska Kayak Open” stands for: having nice hours out on the water and enjoying being together, fishing together and meeting a lot of great people. In the evenings of the competition days we all had great BBQs, some beers, rum and cigars together and talked about kayaking, fishing and of course Jan!
3His spirit was with all of us and so it got an unforgettable and awesome weekend – especially because Jan’s father Richard was with us during the event.

After the event we stayed one more week in Sweden and I was lucky that Gunnar found some hours to go out for fishing with me, after cleaning the camp and relaxing from the stressful last days. We talked a lot about the LKO 2016 and what to make different in 2017 and I am very excited, if the LKO 2017 (now in September) will be as great as this one and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in September 2017.