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Did you ever wonder how the gear ratio on your reel affects the lures you throw? Turns out that the reel speed can definitely add some movement to your lure. The reel truth (like what I did here?) is that there are some speeds that you should be utilizing for some benefit of your favorite lures.

Take a square bill for instance. I usually throw square bills on a 7ft BPS Crankin’ stick (med light) with a BPS Pro Qualifier baitcaster reel that has a speed ratio of 5:4:1. This speed allows me to work the lure slowly and speed up when I need I want a faster cadence. You can still fish the square bill on a 6:4:1 if you choose but you’ll really have to reel very slow in order to keep that lure down in the water. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that this speed will work really nice. It really depends on the fish and what speed they are willing to chase the lure.

Now if you’re talking top water like hollow body frogs then you’re probably going to want to look to a 7:1:1 ratio or faster. I use a BPS Carbonlite heavy action with a fast tip 7’ 6” rod with a BPS Pro Qualifier 7:1:1 reel with 30-40lbs braid (and have been known to use 65 lbs braid for really grassy areas). Reason being is that frogs are mostly a search tool. You can cast over and over the grass or any other type of floating vegetation ,logs and junk fast so find the bass looking for something to hit on the top. Another reason for this fast ratio is to get the fish up and out of whatever vegetation that you just hooked your prize in so not to let the fish dive deeper only to tangle you or even break you off. Also this allows you to get the fish back to your kayak as fast as possible. This is great for those tournament situations where every fish is so important to land in a timely fashion.

Try some different ratios depending on what you think is right and you’ll see the difference. The fish will ultimately be the determining factor in the end so give a listen to them as well. Tight lines everyone…