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I have had a few paddles since I have started fishing. In fact, it all started with a cheap $19.99 canoe paddle for my freshman year of high school. I eventually got a better paddle for my canoe, as I decided there is no reason I can’t use a “kayak paddle” even though I am in a canoe. Eventually the story runs through a few more paddles to where I am today with the best paddles that you can find in the world – Bending Branches.

The Bending Branches Angler Pro is an unbelievable paddle for multiple reasons. In this short review I will focus on all of the aspects of the Angler Pro, its applications and what type of kayaker should use the Angler Pro. The first aspect to consider is its specifications which can be found below:

Cost: $329.95

Length: 220 – 260 cm

Weight: 30 oz.

Pieces: 2

Blade Surface Area : 104 Sq. In.

Blade Material: Multi-Laminate Fiberglass

Shaft Material: T-700 Carbon


For those of you who know much about paddles the Angler Pro has a lot of good things going for it. The first to focus on is the shaft material. The Angler Pro is constructed of T-700 Carbon which makes the paddle extremely stiff, responsive and very lightweight. Being stiff you will have a very small amount of power loss due to flexion in the shaft. This also goes hand and hand with how responsive it is. Since there isn’t much flexion, the paddle has very little lag as far as how quickly it responds to your paddle strokes. You will not appreciate how nice this is until you try out the Angler Pro, as a paddle which has more flexion feels slow and unresponsive after paddling with the Angler Pro. Lightweight is simply a design characteristic of the carbon and a very good one at that. You will not get tired holding this paddle and paddling with it over long distances. I hope you understand how good I think the shaft is, but the shaft can be the best in the world but that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have good blades attached.

The surface area of the Angler Pro is 104 Sq. In. – very large. This large surface will allow you to perform very powerful and strong strokes in the water and quickly propel you across the water. Being made of multi-laminate fiberglass, the blades don’t have much flexion either, tying the shaft and blades together in a complete package.

I personally use the 250 cm length Angler Pro and it works great in my Jackson Kayak. If you are wondering how long of a paddle you should get, always opt for the longer choice versus a shorter paddle. You can always learn to live with a longer paddle but a short paddle is never fun. This means the taller you are and the higher you sit off the water the longer your paddle needs to be.

So who can use the Angler Pro? Well that answer really is anyone, but the type of water you paddle might dictate if you should use and Angler Pro or not. Since the blades are so stiff they do not have as much give or flexion when hitting rocks or a hard surface. I would not use the Angler Pro in any water where you will be hitting rocks or hard objects with your paddle, whether as a push pole or just paddling. You might never chip your blade, but it is not worth it when you are using a $330 paddle. For situations like this I would point you towards the Angler Ace which has nylon blades. However, if you are in more open water the Angler Pro is ridiculously good. It is extremely efficient, fast and durable for such stiff components.

If you are looking for a new paddle I would definitely take a look at the Angler Pro. It is the best paddle money can buy in my opinion and is an extremely valuable component to have for the slightly more serious kayakers and kayak fishermen.