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I fish almost exclusively in saltwater, but every now and then I like to do a change of pace. One of things I like to reconnect with from my childhood is fishing for perch and sacalait (crappie) with a cork and tube jig. I called a buddy up and we made plans for the next day to an area I have never fished before, but I heard some good reports from the area. We met at the launch at six in the morning over at Black Lake which is really a small section of a river that empties into the Blind River. This area is gorgeous with old cypress trees that line the river with many sitting in the river itself. There is also plenty of wildlife out there. Within the first hour we saw owls, hawks, and alligators. Later on a bald eagle even came out to play. The river itself is really pretty. The water color is jet black and there is plenty of aquatic vegetation in it including large lily pads.
As we each made our first casts, we both hooked up with goggle eyes. I just knew it was going to be a good day. It took us a while to find the right pattern in locating sacalait, but we ended catching a few nice ones! We ended up staying out there for over 8 hours when the plan was to head home around lunch time. The scenery was just too pretty to leave! Tight lines!

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