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Remember in elementary school when a much larger kid got on the opposite side of the teeter totter? Some of us got a literal “crash” course in physics when that happened.

Your kayak cart is a simple machine and it becomes a fulcrum when you place your kayak on top of it. Kayaks loaded down with gear can weigh well over 100-pounds. Placing your kayak cart at the rear of the kayak maximizes the amount of that weight you must deadlift. Inefficient positioning of even the best kayak carts, such as Railblaza’s versatile C-TUG, could mean you will have to do more work than required. When loaded down with gear and excited to start your kayak fishing adventure, doing more work than necessary shouldn’t be on your mind.

Placing the kayak cart near the center of mass of kayak cart will have you working smarter, not harder. It can be the difference in lifting 100-pounds on the nose of your kayak to less than ten pounds.

Friends don’t let friends place their kayak carts at the rear of the boat!

Check out this video for a demonstration: