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The family was really wanting to get outdoors today. We decided to go to Milton Reimers Ranch near Dripping Springs. We’ve been there before to go on hikes and bank fish, but I haven’t kayaked there before. After we paid to get in we drove down to the water and I helped my dad take out some fishing stuff from the car while he unloaded the kayaks.  My sisters played in the sand while my dad and I unloaded the kayaks and gear.  When we had everything situated my dad pushed me off and I paddled around until he was ready.


The Skipper is bigger than my old kayak but I think it’s actually easier to paddle than my old kayak. My dad said he really liked how light my kayak was because it made it easy to get on and off the trailer. As we went down the river my mom and my sisters walked along a trail that followed the river downstream. I saw glimpses of them as they walked but the trail eventually took them into the woods where I couldn’t see them anymore. As we floated down river we fished.  I also just relaxed. My kayak seat is very comfortable and I adjusted it to lean all the way back. I didn’t have a seat like this in my old kayak so that is really cool! I just laid there floating and looking up at the sky and it was so relaxing. 


We also explored some small coves. It’s cool to explore some places where you wouldn’t be able to without a kayak. One cove led us to some really clear water where there was a little waterfall at the end. In the back of another cove there were some tall rocky cliffs. We could hear some people talking above. They were on one of the park trails. We could hear them, but they didn’t know we were just below. As we were coming into the cove we saw some fish darting out of it and my dad yelled “Hey there were some bass hiding out here!” So we both parked the kayaks up against some rocks on the bank and started fishing. It was the perfect spot to stand and fish. 


After a while we saw my mom and sisters again.  They came down the trail to the water and we found a good spot to get out and sit by the water for a little bit. One of my sisters wanted to go for a ride with my dad, so he took her out and let her paddle. She really wanted to keep riding with my dad for the rest of the way back, so she stayed in and we headed back to where we started. I didn’t really fish a lot and we didn’t catch anything, but we still had fun exploring some new places. Anyway, sometimes I just like to float.

-Enzo Perez