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A twenty pound pike has been one of my targets for the last two seasons. I’ve put in the hours, and the miles looking for this fish and last season came so close with two fish over 19lb. This season I had the pleasure of seeing my fishing partner catch two beasts just over the twenty pound mark but it was looking like I’d missed out again.

However you just never know….

Last weekend saw the start of the kayak tournament season in the U.K. with the European Kayak Fishing Championships at Llangorse. Its a great social event, with as much time spent in the pub as on the water and a chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen all winter.

Friday is a practise day and I was smashing smaller pike on lures whilst others struggled.. I had my plan for comp day, catch the three pike limit quickly on lures and then head to deep water to try and upgrade on size.

Saturday morning it only took me 40 minutes to get my three fish on the lure. I headed down the lake to try and upsize on large deadbaits. An hour later nothing had happened. Ian, one of the O.K. team was paddling past and we were chatting when my float twitched. On striking it was obviously a good fish, the kayak was moving to the fish instead of the fish coming to me. My heart was in my mouth as the fish peeled line, I gained line and then the fish went again. Eventually it was on the surface and it looked enormous. It only just fit in my net and I just sat looking at it, it had to be well over twenty pounds.

Fortunately Ian was still close by and came to land a hand dealing with this beast, as did another friend Alistair, both doing the honours with the pictures.

Well, I managed 5th in the tournament but honestly I didn’t care, the weekend had all become about this one fish….finally I had broken the 20lb target.

26lb 9oz