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Well with another decent weather forcast predicted, well for a while any ways!!!
A few of us got together, one lad Ivor traveled up from near Dublin and camped Saturday night busting to get out for an early Sunday morning session, I packed the van a drove down to Ballyhornan bay to meet Ivor around 7.30am, shortly afterwards a few local lads also showed there faces, Andrew, Gary and Bredan.

The plan of attack was to fish a ship wreck that sits in around 15-20 feet of water, there’s not much left of her but it still attracts big Pollock. Iv fished it before from a boat many moons ago but never from a kayak as she sits on the notorious bar mouth of Strangford Lough, the currents here are not to be messed with. As she only sits a few feet away from the shore in an area with plenty of reefs and escape routs for getting or the water quickly if needed be we decided to give it a go. The weather was sunny and calm and the sea state was like glass so it was perfect conditions for venturing out to the wreck.

After setting the kayaks up we were not long reaching the mark and as soon as I paddled over it my Raymarine DragonFly 5 Pro went mental with activity, literally fish everywhere. I decided to fish light gear so out came the spinning rods, one set up with a Quantum Tobizer lure and the other with a single Cox & Rawle octopus hook (Size 4) tied directly to my main line for free lining Rag worm.

At first they really were not interested in the Rag “how bizarre” and the soft lures where clearing up, nearly every cast would result in a 2-3lb pollock with every other cast resulting in pollock to nearly 10lbs.
After around an hour and a hard one at that as my arms where literally pulled of me using light gear the tide turned and the fishing slowed right down with only the odd one taking the Rag here and there.

We played around for another couple of hours, done some exploring of this new stretch of coastline before calling it a day. The wind was also picking up as predicted tho a few hours earlier than stated, this made things quite challenging getting back to the launch point but fun none the less.
This is a mark I’m very keen on getting back too and also looking forward to doing so…..