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Fortunately winter lost its icy grip on Iowa before spring had even started. Fish became active close to a month ahead of schedule and all of us Iowa Kayak Anglers have been scrambling to get out and take advantage of the early start despite frigid waters, and close to lethargic fish. Northern pike have been predictably posting at the mouths of clear water creeks and largemouth bass have been making their way to the warmer ends of lakes and ponds. After a few months of ice fishing, gear sorting, and suffering through cabin fever, the kayak fishing season has officially started!

One major thing to consider this time of year is that cold water is very dangerous and one should always take preventative measures before paddling during such conditions. Dry suits, clothing made of synthetic materials, and the buddy system should all be utilized during this period. Never underestimate the potential devastating effects of being immersed in cold water! Plan accordingly!

The first place I launched my Big Rig was the local public lake and to my amazement the fish were hungry! Ice melted off the lake only a week prior and fish were already moving closer to the warmer areas. Small twister tail jigs and natural pattern jerk baits have been getting the most attention. Fish can be very tight-lipped and finicky due to cold water but light jigging and slow retrievals can help to promote bites. Cadence can make or break a fishes attitude during the early season warming process. Anchoring the kayak over deep water and casting towards the shallow edges and parallel along the shallow banks next to deep water can be ideal. Bass have been in shallow areas right next to deep water and although the water is cold, the bass have been very active fighters. Fishing has been best midday after the sun had a chance to warm the shallow, mud bottom areas. Always try multiple casts to the same area. Bass aren’t quite as fast as usual and may need a little time to zero in on baits. Spring is the time of year big bass feast to prepare for the upcoming spawn and this is one of the best times to get out and paddle for a trophy bass.

I highly recommend kayak fishing for spring bass! Tight Lines!