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So I’m driving down I-85 on the South Carolina section of it when all of a sudden we hear a thud…….. DUN DUN DUNNN

All of a sudden the horns blare behind us and the road lights up with flashing high-beams letting us know something was astray. We slowly make our way over to the right emergency lane while kind drivers let us know that something is totally wrong and that we need to “GET THE HECK OFF THE ROAD!!!”

So we pulled over and when we hopped out I nearly had a heart-attack. My brand spanking new Jackson Kayak Antix was hanging off the car and my other brand spanking new Jackson Kayak RockStar was hanging off the side by a portion of the strap.

Today was the day I almost lost 2 of my boats because of careless mistake. I hadn’t followed EJ’s #1 rule for tying down kayaks; PUT AT LEAST ONE STRAP THROUGH A GRAPLOOP!!! I had put one through on the outside boat, but not the inside one, thinking that it would be fine if I just cinched it down tight enough.

Key takeaway for the day; always, no matter how far or how long or how lazy you might be that day, always take the time to go through a grabloop and double- no- triple- no- QUADRUPLE check your strap job so you never have to have a mini heartattack over something that could have been prevented. You also don’t want a boat going into another person’s car. That, would not be good…

See you on the River,

Bryce Aaron