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Samantha (Age: 10) I love fishing with my dad. We have so much fun. I love my Skipper, named Dolphin, because it’s my size and is easy to paddle. It is lucky too. I usually catch the first fish on each of our trips.

Dad (Age: Age Older than 10) As father of 5, fishing with kids can be crazy at times. Lines and lures flying everywhere. Once we hooked Sarah in the back of the head with a spinner. Needless to say, fishing is an adventure at our house! The Skipper has been a game changer for us. We love the Skippers because they are kids size and easy for them to control and builds confidence in a way that doesn’t happen from bank or boat fishing. Skippers give my kids freedom explore, catch fish, and do things they otherwise couldn’t do. The injuries are down too!

Here’s a fun little video of our last trip-

– The Walker Family