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Jackson Kayaks and other manufacturers of fishing kayaks are incorporating accessory tracks to the kayaks. A lot of anglers are using these track systems to install their fish finders, rod holders, tie down devices, and retractable tool devices. One thing that you do not see attached to these gear track systems are anchor cleats.

To install a zig zag cleat on the gear tracks of the Jackson Kayak fishing line you will need the following items: two 1/4×20 stainless steel pan head bolts ½ inch in length, two Yak Attack 1/4×20 track nuts, a zig zag cleat or your favorite anchor cleat. Tools required to do the task are a drill with a ¼ drill bit and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Start by enlarging the holes of the zig zag cleat with the ¼ drill bit.

Next install the 1/4×20 bolts through the enlarged holes and attaching the track nuts. Then you can slide the cleat onto the gear track and position where you desire to place the anchor cleat. Lastly using the screwdriver tightens down the screws to secure the cleat.