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Nothing beats the smell of a recently made kayak. When I first saw the Cuda HD, I knew it was the solid fishing kayak I was looking for to get the job done. All the beefed up features really suited the needs I was looking for. The hinged front and center compartments are extremely convenient for storing gear and tackle. The tray in the center compartment is great for storing tackle boxes and depth finder batteries. The Hypalon paddle blade keeper works great keeping the paddle out of the way. Hypalon is a tough material that is UV resistant and snag-free. Using lures with treble hooks can be frustrating when they get caught on the front of the kayak but there really isn’t much to snag into in the HD. The molded rod tubes on both sides work great for protecting rod tips on deck. All in all I was blown away with all the new features of the Cuda HD.

My Cuda HD arrived safely sealed in plastic and wrapped with a giant shipping blanket. It was amazing getting to unwrap it and see the JK custom color scheme. The guys at the factory did an amazing job creating the color I was looking for! There really isn’t much assembly needed whatsoever and they’re ready to hit the water as soon as possible. Fortunately the kayak came during the best time of the season! Pike fishing season!

The Cuda HD handles great in the rivers and small streams where I pursue northern pike. I was impressed on how well it handles going back upriver. The improved hull design really increased the speed and tracking making longer trips a lot easier! I typically focus for northern around creek mouths and deep creek pools. Pike are ambush hunters and can be easily found if you key into what hiding spots the particular location has to offer. I use big baits that mimic baitfish and typically catch most fish on oversized spinnerbaits. Pike can get pretty wild so never forget to bring a big net, pliers, and fish grips! Luckily I found some really nice pike on my first few pike outings! The Cuda HD worked as well as I predicted and I can’t wait to catch a monster pike on it!

If you want a great heavy duty kayak for chasing northern pike, I highly recommend the Cuda HD! -Tight lines!