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In an effort to re-stock the freezer and get a little salt therapy, I made a run to the coast and met up with Dave, his brother Sean, and Eddie. I left the house at 3am and arrived at Timber Cove around 6:15ish with some high hopes that we’d get on some fish. Paid the $25 and headed down the hill. Dave and I got our gear ready and were just about prepared to launch when Eddie showed up. We gave him a hand unloading and then cruised out to the first point north of the cove and fished while we waited for Eddie.
Unfortunately, we launched to a little “choppier” conditions than we anticipated. Definitely fishable, but the wind was kind of a pain. And to add to the wind, we weren’t getting any action from our swimbaits bouncing the bottom. I assumed the fish hadn’t had their coffee yet either and were still in the process of waking up. So, we moved on to the next structure and I finally got my first fish on, a little ling that liked my Branson Bait. From then on I had a slow pick at lings, landing 6 or so, searching for the big one. Eddie headed back towards the launch, I assume he was tired of fighting the wind and the swell, while Dave and I continued on. Dave was having better success than me, catching a good variety of species. After a while we decided a lunch break was in order and we made our way back to the launch and found that Sean was in the process of getting unloaded.
Dave and I took our break and watched Sean grab a few abs close to the launch and then prepared for an afternoon session to hopefully fill our limits. The afternoon was much more pleasant as the wind died and made jigging a bit nicer. Sadly, the fishing was still just mediocre for myself and Sean. We caught fish, but Dave had the hot stick and a little more consistency. He is the cabbie master! I think he probably caught 6-7 with one nice 25 incher. After covering quite a bit of water we opted to head back to relax. I ended the day with two lings, a cab, and a black rockfish.
Dave and Sean were gracious enough to invite me to camp with them overnight and fish the following morning. We got a campsite at Stillwater with enough time to clean our fish and ourselves. We weren’t quite prepared for dinner, but really all you need is beer and a camp fire, which we had!
The next day we launched out of Stillwater to yet again, “breezy” conditions. We paddled south out of the cove, stopping every now and then to drop our swimbaits on the bottom. Again we were off to a slow start in the morning, but gradually things picked up a little. Dave had the hot stick again and was able to pull in a nice stringer. I caught some lings and made a couple rookie mistakes at the kayak, but overall had a blast checking out some new territory! I came home with fish and a few lessons learned so I cant complain.