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The Jackson Mayfly

I tried not to read many reviews a I wanted to come to my own conclusions of this new kayak on my own. My first thoughts on the Mayfly was how sleek and sexy the lines were. With the smooth snag free deck and a width of 35 inches this kayak was designed for fly fishing in mind. The incredible thing is that with that width and the weight coming in at 89 pounds without the seat and a capacity of 450 pounds, this kayak paddles and tracks so well it made me feel comfortable quickly, coming from my Kraken 13.5. With all that in mind the stability tests were next and as someone that does not stand a ton from my Kraken I put it to the test and was very impressed.

The addition to the side hatches made for fly boxes can double as small terminal tackle boxes or used lures as I found out sense I am not a fly fisherman. With a clear deck and no hatches they have a hatch up front with a great drop in storage container to makes things that you want to make easily accessible. With the addition of a hinged lid instead of bungee cord, allows for easy access. With the addition of a snag free paddle keeper Jackson is trying to keep the front of the mayfly as simple and snag free as possible. With internal rod storage that are made for fly rods and reels, the reel seats easily adapted for spinning or casting reels. In the stern there is a big open deck area that handles a Jkrate or Kkrate nicely, followed by another hinged access area to store whatever you may need for a great adventure. I recommend this kayak to any fisherman fly or not. It is an extremely stable and agile kayak. You should try to get with a local dealer and demo one, you will not be disappointed.