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A Simple Easy to Make Kayak Stand

For years I always kept my kayaks on saw horses that I had laying around in the garage. Sure, they were easy to use and high enough so I could work in my Jacksons when I needed to. The best way to store Jackson Kayaks is on the stern standing straight up, but that way wasn’t practical for me due to my garage wasn’t high enough and I’m always in them working on new rigging solutions thanks to Yakattack and RAM products. A lot of my fellow kayak anglers had jet ski trailers that they turned into a trailer for their kayaks and I thought those were awesome, but finding one wasn’t easy as well as affordable. I didn’t mind using my truck for transporting my kayaks, but I wanted an easier way to load them on my truck. So, check out the easy to make kayak stand that I made for my Jackson Big Rig, Kilroy and Coosa HD.

A few things I felt that were mandatory for my kayak stand was that it had to be very maneuverable, easy to move in and out of my truck, easy to work around and not take up any more space than my kayak does. The two measurements that I based my stand off of was the space between the channels underneath and the height of the top of my truck bed when down of course.

I bought some 2×4’s, small 360 casters with locks and 2” wood screws. I have a miter saw at home, but a simple hand wood saw can work as well. I do recommend an electric cord or cordless drill. After I took the measurements from the height of my truck bed and channels I came up with the design you see in the pictures. The six locking casters that I used make the stands very maneuverable around my garage and my driveway. The design does not take up any more space than my kayak does and makes storing and working in them a breeze. Using the measurements from the width of the channels makes it easy to work in the kayaks without my knees or legs hitting any part of the stand. That’s also how I developed the V design for the bulk of the support.

For me and kayak fishing with either my Kilroy, Coosa HD or Big Rig it’s all about being rigged and ready. I have found that working, storing, or just getting ready to fish has been much easier with these stands. We all want to be ready when we get that phone call from a friend or that plan you’ve been wrapping your head around all day at work for fishing that favorite hole. These stands have helped me for all those situations as they will help you. Please feel free to message me on for any questions or concerns and I’ll answer them ASAP.
Maxwell DeRussy
Rigged and Ready