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At 17th of June took place German Championships which was open for kayakers from other countries. Besides a big number of German paddlers in competition took a part competitors from Great Britan, Austria and Poland. For me and Tomasz Czaplicki that was the first e in freestyle kayaking in this year.vent
We started European Competition Tour from our freestyle clinics in Plattling week before German Championships. After it week after week we will start in Makinito Contest, Natural Games (Euro Cup) in France and Euro Cups in Wildalpen and in Graz in Austria.

A couple days before the competition in Plattling took place the ICF Judge Seminar, so competition was judged on very high level by big group of A graded judges. All event was at Saturday. In all rounds we both had good runs. We were keeping first place from preliminaries to the finals. Tomek won in K1M category with 1046 points, second was Martin Koll with 966 points and he took the German Champion title. Third place went to Marcel Bloder from Austria with 833.

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I’m very happy with my 618 points result and first place. Anne Hubner took second place with score of 290 points and she took German Champion title. Third was Emma Schuck with 249 points.

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In Plattling it’s already a tradition that right after competition paddlers are going to take a part in the final evening of Volksfest. It’s a local, traditional beer festival. Loud music, Bavarian beer, local bavarian food and carousels for younger and older guys. All locals and paddlers met in one huge tent where were having a good time during music concert. Local people were wearing traditional bavarian clothes what looks very cool.

After short rest we are on the road again! It’s time for competition in France!

Keep fingers crossed for Jackson Europe team!