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One of the greatest things about fishing from a kayak is the ability to fish where boats can’t go. One of my local favorite holes to fish is not only close to home, but the launch is quiet and small with not a lot of boat traffic. Once you launch you immediately notice a small culvert to the right and if it’s your first time you are tuned in to it. My thoughts of exploration kick in and the questions come to mind. What’s through that pass? Is the water deep enough? How far back does it go? And of course, the ultimate question being are there fish in there? I’m in a kayak, so of course I’ll be able answer those questions.

The first approach is to fish the mouth, but first take a look at what direction the water is flowing. Most likely the wish will be on the side where the water is flowing too. In this case the water was flowing towards me so of course I tossed a craw in front of the mouth and jerked a few times and soon it was fish on. After that catch, it was time to explore what was on the other side. I paddled up and threw the culvert and pass the other side where the water opened to entire new lake. The lake was probably the size of three football fields. The best part was that there were no boats with motors and no boats of any kind for that matter. The new water was all for me!

I threw back at the hole a few times with no success. So now it was time to explore my new-found lake. The water was high which I could see from the wooded structure along the shoreline. I used my depth finder and found that the water was shallow towards the back, but there were also deep pockets in the middle. All the way in back was a smaller cove that had small passage that led to creek runoff that was really cool.

The grass was starting to grow towards the back which created this grass line that I had a lot of success with. I also caught fish in some of the smaller pockets that had rocks and wood structure. My Jackson Big Rig had just enough room to go through the culvert and my new exploration. Don’t forget to take down your fishing poles or Micro Shallow Anchor before making the pass.
Maxwell DeRussy
Rigged and Ready