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River Floats

I absolutely love fishing from my Jackson Kayak, but by far and absolutely hands down nothing beats a river float. It can be a tough plan trying to get all your fishing buddies together for a float. Lots of planning can definitely help, but when it all comes together it’s completely worth it! I’ve always said that I could absolutely have a horrible day at work tomorrow, but it’ll be ok because I was able to do a river float with my friends the day before.

The plan usually calls for an early morning arrival at some dark, grassy, and brushy launch. You can’t see anything, but you were rigged and ready the night before and remembered your head lamp. In the distance, you can hear the water bubbling and moving as your excitement grows. The planning you did went well because by now all your friends have shown up and are either on time or close to it.

Time to gear up and launch. Usually with some help from your fishing buddies, everyone will help carry those rigged and ready Jackson Kayaks down to the launch. By now the sun is slowly making its way up and you can see the path of the river making its way down. The fish are biting and you can clearly see all the movement on the water. Your excitement grows while you are clipping that last strap on your PFD. Time to launch!

With a slight shove from a friend, off I go in my favorite Jackson Kayak, the Coosa HD. Moving with the rolling water I’ll set my poles in the front laying down so nothing overhanging from the trees will catch them. I’ll most likely start with an assortment of Power Team Lures Craw D’s to find a pattern. It doesn’t take long before you get that first strike from one of my favorite river fish, a small mouth bass! Now the float just got that much better.

Moving along with the river water, back paddling in some of those light rapids. The Coosa HD handles all aspects of a river float. I’ve also had friends float the Jackson Big Rig with ease as well. Stopping to take a break and doing a little bank fishing while laughing and having a good time with your friends and making memories. Do a good map study for you launch point and take out point. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather during your planning. If there were heavy rains a few days before you planned your float, there may be heavy and high moving water that could be dangerous. Do not forget your Personal Flotation Device or “PFD”! So, I highly recommend a river float with a Jackson Kayak and of course some of your best fishing friends. You will absolutely love the experience!

Maxwell DeRussy
Rigged and Ready