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In 2017 in the world of snap chat, emoji’s and other technological roadblocks the time we get to truly communicate with our children and family is up to us, we as outdoor enthusiasts and Kayakers have to make the extra effort to go above and beyond the quick response of a text and unplug from what seems to keep us all far to connected.
So what does this have to do with Kayaking? In a sense it is the perfect outlet for great communication with our children our spouses and our friends. A couple of weeks ago my daughter Megan an aspiring soccer Phenom (her words) and social media guru said “let’s take the new Kayak out tonight” she was talking about my new Jackson Kilroy DT (Jacksons answer to do you have a Kayak that will do ____) my full intention when placing my order this past year was family togetherness and Jackson delivered with this great Kayak.

Of course when any dad of a 14 year old daughter would do when I heard those words, started grabbing a few rods and two PFD’s and new paddles, and off we went. An evening in Northeast Kansas on Gardner Lake could not have been better, I learned a tandem kayak does not always mean two paddlers! as she put down the paddle and let her hands skim the water as a pushed from spot to spot. She was calling the shots.. “I want to fish over here and not near the trees!” Sure enough her instincts on casting a roadrunner produced a nice Kansas Crappie and her only fish of the evening. We continued to fish and paddle along the edges talking to families and noticed the most amount of laughter and fun were from those in kayaks and SUPs with kids falling off, and new paddlers experiencing the grace which is paddle sports.

So as I was thinking… why the serenity? Why is paddling so therapeutic that Heroes on the Water takes 100’s of veterans out weekly to “get away” is there some magic in the mystique? So without quantitative data, it is simple; to paddle takes two hands which you are in control and for kids especially there is no hands to text, snap or post. For others it is about have some sense control after not having it. The peace is undeniable, and the time and true conversation without distraction can be invaluable. If you are looking at the great disconnect look to paddle sports there is something unique that is rarely found in today’s world.
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