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2 Wins with the Nirvana @ Voss Sportsweek

Been out here with my crew in a new place with a new boat, Norway! My friends have hit me up every single year for as long as I can remember and asked if I was coming to Norway or to Extreme Sports week. Every year I always had some excuse but this year I couldn’t think of any more. I have always wanted to see Norway, and it was time. The extreme sports week was unreal, we go kayaking all day, film a sick edit, than show it at the festival in front of tons of people.

My first few days we had hard rain and we managed to get a few of the OG classics like double drop, and some other great bomb sections, but with the sports week it was time for racing. The first race was on the Upper Myrkdal section, which ended up being a super sick, tough, minute long course. With a couple sick boofs and a super hard to boof slide at the Top. It was 2 runs combined, I had two smooth runs and I took 1st in that in front of Jamie Sutton, with Michele Ramazza in 3rd. Just being able to fly out of the boofs and slides with the Nirvana is so sick, but staying in control even when paddling hard is so nice. The next day was a giant slalom race on the classic Holy diver rapid at the bottom of the Myrkdal. That was a super fun and hard race that ended in a steep melt down slide that was super hard to stay smooth through. I had a super sweet first lap on the gates and nailed the last slide, but unfortunately I misheard where the sensor was for the finish, and I was a little too far left so my time didn’t register.

Which is a bummer but I had one more run. It was best of 2 runs, but my second I hit a gate, and messed up the last drop, which is just how she goes sometimes. They had backup hand timing for the race, and though I would have had the fastest time from the day, they decided not to use it to avoid controversy. Guess next time I should double check where the finish is. But the next day was the 3rd and final kayak event, which was the boatercross. The boatercross was on one of the classic runs in Voss, which had a few gates to hit, including an up that gave out some good carnage, including a broken nose that I wish I didn’t have the pleasure of watching. In the end I was stoked to take the win and walk away without any injuries, and just ready for more epic kayaking around Norway! Looking forward to what more epic kayaking is to come with my Nirvana!