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If fishing were easy, everyone would be making money winning professional bass fishing tournaments all the time, but as we all know this is not the case. I don’t fish tournaments too often, but I do try to catch big bass when I get out on the water. However, there are days where no matter what you try you probably won’t land the big one. This was one of those days.

I got out on the water very early and it had good water clarity, which looked very promising for catching some big bass on the Brazos River. I always enjoy visiting the Brazos because it is in the heart of the Palo Pinto Mountains and has a lot of nice scenery around…but there is also a lot of big bass to catch. I quickly realized that this was one of those days where the hot Texas sun was going to be baking overhead though, and it was going to be a difficult day to catch some big ones because of the type of weather.

I caught a few with some Strike King Square Bill Crankbaits, but nothing too big. As always on the Brazos, crankbaits seem to do the trick, but I also gave my Rage Tail Space Monkey a shot. The Space Monkey seems to always save the day, but it was just a rough day and even the small rascals were really making me work my Texas Rig to entice them.

I ended the day with a great time out on the water enjoying the beautiful scenery God has given us, along with catching 5-6 bass. Although they weren’t the biggest fish I’ve ever caught by a long shot, it was well worth the trip for a Saturday and I’ll take a Saturday like this any time I can! Get out on the water when you get a shot. You might catch some big bass or you might catch some small ones, but you know what, that’s kind of how life goes. You won’t catch any bass sitting around though so go hop in your kayak and start casting for the big one!