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A couple of weeks ago I fished my first kayak competition of the year, this time it was a return to Esthwaite in UK’s Lake District for the annual kayak grand slam. As always the main target of the comp is to catch one each of the lake’s predators, Pike, Perch and Trout. Now I’ve been running this comp for the past 4-5 years but this year I’ve decided to step back from organising various events and enjoy what free time to I do get to go fishing.

Though it is a very friendly relax atmosphere over the weekend we all fish hard as well. The good thing about grand slam events is that everyone is catching but not everyone has the grand slam, so someone may be catching lots of perch and trout but would give anything to land a Pike where as someone else maybe tripping over Pike but for love nor money find a Perch! Makes for an interesting comp 🙂

I couldn’t help but find the Pike, literally first cast I had a Pike! I actually exceeded my allocation within the first few hours so focused on Perch and Trout. Perch were caught easily but Trout were proving hard work, really hard work!

Day one came to an end and still the Trout had avoided me. Crack of dawn start was required! Yawning and blurry eyed I launched at first light with Trout on the mind. Knowing dropshot worm works it was just a matter of putting the time in and hopefully be rewarded and I was, with many Perch though fortunately they kept getting bigger. It was until 5mins before breakfast I hooked into a Trout, only small but landed and photographed. Done it, got the slam!

It was a huge relief, I could relax. I may of relaxed a smidge too much as not long after my rather nice fry up breakfast I fell asleep on the kayak! Not the first time I’ve done that during the comp 🙂 I somehow managed to sleep for 1.5hrs in the middle of the lake which unknown to me many photos were taken lol

Worked though as it turned out I’d caught enough to take the win, very happy chappy 🙂 That means I’ve won the last 3 comps I have entered which is something I’m very proud of. Happy Days.