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Summer 2017 has been a super exciting time. Between my guide business keeping me on the water most days and meeting family, friends and teammates all around Florida. I’ve spent nearly every day on the water this summer.
The surf in St. Augustine has been fairly calm, so offshore kayak fishing has been taking up a lot of my free time. We hit the water in hopes of tarpon,kings and jacks but it’s sharks that keep us occupied in the slow times.

With the new Jackson Kayak Coosa FD and Cruise FD about to get released, we’ve been getting in some time with the need pedal drive system and it did not disappoint. I was blown away by how sweet the FD series rides. We were able to keep up with a huge school of tarpon while rerigging in the process. Video was a breeze with the hands free propulsion too.

The best part of all the fishing and traveling around Florida this summer has been making and sharing memories with old friends and new. These experiences, that come from hanging out with like minded outdoor enthusiasts, are truly why I love kayak fishing.

I’ve shared time with some friends playing in less than of foot of water chasing Redfish, hitting ponds for bass and pushed out past the three hundred foot mark, chasing bucket list species.

It’s amazing how much much can be accomplished on a kayak. When I started my guide business, all I wanted was more time on the water and to be able to immerse myself in the outdoors. Thanks to top of your boat kayaking, I’m steadily moving to a way of life that has been a dream for me since I was a kid. Thank goodness for plastic boats, clean water and carbon paddles!

Video Footage: