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Everyone reaches periodic milestones in their lives. I have reached one myself as I have graduated from college. I have a lot to look forward to, and hopefully a lot more fishing to look forward to. It is moments like this in life where it is encouraging to see the work that you have put in making a difference. I couldn’t be more thankful to get a college education and I look forward to putting it to good use. If college is in your future, look forward to the opportunity at hand. If you are still in college, keep at it and push through the hard work. If you have already graduated, congratulations because you have graduated.

For quite a while now I have not been able to get out on the water to do some actual fishing because of graduating and all the things that come along with this.. This is mainly due to a packed schedule.  Although I don’t have the time right now to go fishing all day, I do have enough time to spend the morning out on the water with my family’s dog, Pup.

Pup gets very excited to get out on the water with me, although this doesn’t happen terribly often. I make sure to keep Pup safe with his MTI Adventurewear UnderDog PFD. It works great for all sizes of dogs. I chose to use my MTI Adventurewear Solaris F-Spec this time. My paddle was a Bending Branches Angler Ace in a 260 cm configuration. This paddle works great for standing up and paddling as well as sitting down. It is a very versatile paddle and best of all, it is not going to let you down in the durability department. With a carbon fiber shaft to give you plenty of stiffness and response and carbon reinforced nylon blades to give you optimal stiffness while at the same time allowing for just slight flexion to allow for optimal durability. When you combine the PFDs me and Pup were wearing with the Angler Ace you have quite a set up. Throw in an actual kayak like the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna, a nice Saturday morning and some baby ducks and you are set for a good time out on the water. Be sure to check out your local water if you get a chance, it is always worth a shot to spend some time on the water!

Here are a few photos from some fishing during college years that bring back some good memories. Until next time, get out on the water and catch some big bass!