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Dickies wanted me to make a clip that showed my kayaking, and introduced my fishing, but mostly talked about the factory and showed a kayak being built.     Steve Fisher and I put this together, Steve on the story board, camera, editing, and helping me script it, and I was on the other side of the camera and microphone.    While this is a story about me, it can’t be told in full without including the 185+ people who work at Jackson Kayak.    As a team, we all come together into a symphony, producing kayaks, coolers, and other awesome products in our two factories, and get them out to dealers, customers, team members, and distributors world-wide.    We are far from perfect, struggling with one challenge or another every day.    However, we strive for perfection, to win, to do the best we can given what we have to work with.    We also strive to be a company that everyone can enjoy on the inside as well as the outside.     Hard work isn’t optional, it is the only way we survive, by running faster, working harder, and caring more.    Our leadership and ownership won’t take failure as an option, or taking shortcuts that hurt our prospects in the future.       We have both type A and B personalities in the factory, but we have the “let’s get this done” approach that bonds us together.    Of course this is all filmed on location either at the factory in Sparta, TN, or in or by my house at Rock Island, TN on the Caney Fork River or Center Hill Lake.    

I hope you enjoy this video:  It really only scratches the surface, but it does show what playing hard looks like..

See you on the water,