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That time of the year again……
Van packed I set of to the very North coast of Ireland, around 120 mile drive for the Irish kayak annual Donegal comp, one of the most beautiful places in in country and I look forward to getting up here as much as possible.
The drive up, the scenery while out on the water and the fishing is always outstanding.

Day of the comp….
Kayak set up and a tactical plan thought out I new where I needed to be……….until the wind picked up and continued to do soo until the point we where thinking of calling off the comp. Everyone at there own risk set of at 11am and the comp was to end at 9pm to give guys with less experience a chance of completing the species hunt.
Well it was a very tough day with most guys struggling to catch fish let alone the target species, I had a slow start then got my head around things, by the end of the day I had 8 species in total including…Pollock, Coalfish, Dab, Flounder, Dogfish, Ballon Wrasse, Thornback Ray and Grey Gurnard. Tho this was 2 species less than expected, it was still good enough to put me in third place and with the conditions I was more than happy…