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A day that surely won’t be forgotten!!!!!
7 kayaks on the water for less than 2 hours and landing 18 Tope (Shark) between us!!!!!

As the tital suggests we set out the morning after the competition for a session fishing for Tope, there was a few lads that were quite nervous as they have not much experience fishing in strong tide never mind targeting toothy critters that could cost you a finger or two quite easily.
There was a massive shortage on bait as it was mostly all used the day before tho we planned to catch some on the way out to the Shark spot.
Once on the water we noticed there was not an ounce of tide running as we seamed to land at slack water, the perfect time to fish.
Graham Smith (Aka shark whisper) said forget about bait fishing so we scrounged some of his very small stock and got them down to the bottom straight away. Literally within seconds I had a fish on followed by Andrew then Sean then Ivor……. It was absolutely crazy kayaks being towed about everywhere for a solid 2 hours nearly fighting Tope, a couple of lads came out 30 mins later and where also straight into fish with a total of 18 landed.
Screaming reels and thrashing could have been heard for miles lol…… What a session and one I won’t forget…. We will surely be back targeting them very soon.