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Bass boats, canoes, pontoon boats, Jon boats pick any I’ve fished out of them. Each has a certain draw and the proud owner can make a case for the best water craft. Each offers the ability to get from point A to point B. Paramount in importance is safety, each with the proper precaution and appropriate use fills the bill for being safe. From a fishing perspective a kayak possesses several advantages over many types of boats.

With a wide variety of choices there presumably a kayak to match almost anyone, any application and any type of water. Obviously a white water kayak has limited appeal to a person in pursuit of bass. Some of the salt water recommend “yaks” would be sufficient but not the best choice for many freshwater environments. So what is the kayak advantage? As you scroll through the Jackson Kayak website and or catalog it’s loaded with possible plastic. Depending on water types, fishing style and what’s most suited to the age, body type, physical condition or age there is a fishing kayak that matches you and your specific needs.

Safety is first on the list. A healthy dose of common sense and a good lifejacket are your best ally. Standing in a stable boat is desirable for many anglers and still creates risk for those with zero balance and an equal amount of athletic ability. Accessing waters that may be difficult or even impossible for other water craft is a signature style of the kayak. Drafting in mere inches of water, you can also for short distances, if you aren’t shy of “river rash”, pull your plastic to the next hole. Fishability is an inherent component in many kayaks. Ease of paddling and positioning is a major league plus. Working an area, objects and thorough coverage of sections of the fishing hole are made possible by small paddle corrections and also using the drift provided by the wind and current. High on the checklist of kayak best bass factors is the stealthy, silent mode that comes with the glide of a kayak suited for fishing. The adaptability of outfitting a kayak is limited by the budget and imagination of the owner / angler. Small accessories that can be affixed or are removable create the custom kayak. More stuff means more weight, cutting down on space and a bit more kayak clutter. Never confuse the addition of gear, electronics and eye candy with the ability of anyone to be a more efficient angler.

Electronics are merely extra tools used to supplement your watery wisdom and do not take the place of your senses or experience. Other kayak considerations, room for rods, a comfortable seat and the storage for terminal tackle. Best utilization of space, handy availability of food and drinks plus weight balance can be accomplished with a properly sized Orion cooler right behind the seat of many models. Another plus, cooler and kayaks made in the USA! Here’s a few thumbnail sketches and suggestions for Jackson kayaks that match your wants and needs.
 Small water, tougher launch, reasonable capacity, nimble paddling, Cruise 12 might be your boat.
 A little more boat, wanting to stand up, wider stable and a touch more capacity, Coosa HD.
 A pair of paddlers, no problem, fast and stable, seating for two, a longer ride, check the Kilroy DT.
 Three versions of a twelve foot plus kayak storage space and at home many places, Cuda.
 The bass boat of kayaks, safe, stable, stand up capable and very fishing friendly, it’s the Big Rig.
 Want to carry a bunch of weight in a stable tandem kayak, no can opener needed for this Tuna.
 The need for speed, salty or fresh, laser like tracking, the longest of the fleet at 15’5” the Kracken.

Consider how many rods and how much tackle you want to accompany you on your adventures. It’s not uncommon for me to haul five rods on my trips. For lightweight lures and wind days a multi-purpose spinning rod, 6 ½ to seven foot in length and a medium action is a regular addition. Because I’m a “feel bait” fanatic a jig rod as well as a rod for Texas rigged soft plastics qualify as constant companions. Both rods have baitcasting reels spooled with braided line, are seven foot in length, have baits that are either 3/8ths or ½ ounces to create a similar hand feel and the same sensation in casting, retrieving and a consistent hook set. It’s easy to overdo how many tackle boxes you need. Two Plano #3600 tackle boxes fit securely alongside the seat of many of the Jackson fishing models. One more rod along for the ride is used for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and topwater lures. Finally a dedicated crankbait rod for year round use.

Ponder the paddle. Mine is the Accent Trophy Angler. I want lightweight, strong, adjustable length. The paddle is for the most part the means of propulsion for many kayaks* (exception Flex Drive) and kayakers. Whether you are doing some distance or carefully positioning in tiny incremental adjustments the paddle is the primo tool.
To save your teeth and time the Line Cutterz rings are safe, handy and efficient when you tie on your baits are retie during the course of your trip. Old timers used to bite their line, chipped teeth and not likely with the super lines aka braid, the Line Cutterz rings can be staged on the seat base, a casting brace, worn on a lanyard or as a traditional ring.
Gopro cameras are wonderful for video and action shots. The small cameras can be handheld, affixed to the kayak tracking or any number of ways.
A good pair of polarized sunglasses protect your eyes and give you an edge in spotting subsurface cover and even the movements of fish. My choice are the Strike King S11 Optics several styles, frame and lens choices mean a pair for every application, while being both fashionable and functional!
Your lifejacket is the most critical piece of equipment. I have Astral jackets, one for summer the other for the remainder of the year. The Ronny Fisher and the V-Eight model is light and ideal for warm weather. Lifejackets, no excuses.
There are many ways, places and techniques to try when fishing. Regardless of where you are or what you’re chasing, advantage kayak!