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This week, social media has been flooded with “back to school” pictures and parents wishing the best for their kids. It has been nice seeing all the pictures with them lined up and ready to start the new year. My bride and I have been out of the back to school crowd for a couple of years since our son has been in college (and about ready to graduate)! This time of year has a different meaning for me now; it is time to chase schools of spotted bass on our local river.
Every year, about time for the school year to start, pods of small shad start moving to the surface and the voracious spotted bass is right behind. Throwing small topwater baits or any small shad imitation can make for very fun and prolific action.

I loaded my bride up and our Kilroy DT to go see if the action had started to heat up and was not disappointed. As per usual, she was first to strike and after a short fight had a scrappy spot to the side of the boat. They weren’t up on the surface chasing shad yet but with a little bit of work we were able to find them deeper. Having the Kilroy DT let me put her right where she needed to be to make casts in the current and keep control. We also had room for the Orion 25 if we wanted to keep a few for supper!

We fished most of the morning and the decided to put the rods up and just cruise a bit. We eased down the lake and just enjoyed the time as we watched the ospreys fly overhead. She said “one of the nicest things about kayak fishing is even if the fish don’t cooperate, at least you got to go kayaking”. That statement right there just proves that my best “keeper” was sitting in the front of our DT!