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My dad is the one who initially got me into fishing. Almost every weekend we would hop in the john boat and launch onto our favorite lake and fish for hours. We caught numerous fish and had tons of fun. Gradually as we got older, we became more and more infatuated with exploring the lake, and finding less pressured areas too fish. As this passion continued, we discovered lots of knew territory that produced some quality fish. One of our all time favorite spots was a very shallow flat full of lily pads. The flat was huge, with what looked like hundreds of lily pads and sunken trees scattering the open water. In fact, the vegetation and cover was so thick, it made it impossible to fish the back parts of the flat, including a large creek that went about a hundred yards into the woods. We continuously fished the edge of this flat, but had always wondered what the fishing would be like in the unfished brush filed areas. So the day when I came home with a Jackson BigRig and Coosa, we no longer had to wonder. The next morning me and my dad took the kayaks down to the flat, and slowly worked our way into it. At first, it was slow with little action, but the farther back we went the more fish we encountered. We began catching more and more fish and doing noticeably better than we did just fishing the front of the flat. All together we had caught about 15, and we weren’t even to our most sought out location yet, the creek. Once we reached the creek and could see bass waking on the surface, the creek held multiple large bass we were able to capitalize on. Once the trip was over we had caught over 20 bass, fished new territory, and had a great time. If it were not for our kayaks none of this would have been possible. The pure versatility of these kayaks are just one of the reasons I’m a firm believer that kayaks can greatly enhance the amount of fish you catch and the overall experience you have on the water. I would recommend kayak fishing to anyone looking to fish hard to reach waters, catch more fish, and have more fun doing it.