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Throughout my home city of Knoxville TN, there are numerous small bodies of water that Id always dreamed of fishing, but because of heavily wooded banks, it made it nearly impossible without some kind of boat. But because the ponds are so isolated and hard to get too, it makes it impossible to launch a boat. This is where my Jackson kayak comes into play
My Jackson has allowed for me to access, launch, and effectively fish these bodies of water with ease. Fishing these local ponds had always been a struggle. Mainly because they are located in deep, wooded, areas with lots of fallen trees scattering the bank. This allowed for very limited casting, and also decreased the area in which I was able to fish. This is what got me thinking, whats the best way to successfully fish these ponds, catch better fish, and have a much moe enjoyable time on the water. And thats when I decided too brake out the Jackson. I went home, strapped my BIgRig in the back of the truck, and took off to the pond. Once I arrived, I pulled my kayak out of the truck and couldn’t wait to get her on the water. I began to anxiously drag my kayak to the pond. After a short drag, I had made it, and began to prepare my kayak to launch. I got all my rods and tackles situated, threw on my PFD, and hit the water. That day I caught five times the fish I had caught the previous day, and had a much easier time doing so. Because of my kayak, I was able to catch much more fish, increase my cast-ability, and have a much more enjoyable day on the water. This has made me a strong believer that kayaks are not only a better option, but necessary when it comes to fishing small bodies of water, and I would recommend it to anyone whose trying to catch more, and bigger fish in those hard to reach ponds in their local area.