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Kayak fishing is a very unique sport, and with it comes many factors you have to take into consideration while out on the water. Although you may consider it similar to fishing out of a bass boat, its much different. Kayaking introduces a completely new list of obstacles that you are not used too in a bass boat. But with these obstacles comes just as many benefits, but the reward of reeling in that trophy bass on a kayak trumps them all.
What I consider to be the biggest factor you must take into consideration while kayak fishing, is the wind. Wind can either make, or break your day on the water. While it is ideal to have a nice, calm, wind free excursion, that is hardly ever the case. So when you do go out on those windy days, you need to know how to handle it. So here’s a few tips that I’ve discovered to help you manage your kayak in some of the toughest conditions. Positioning yourself is what I’ve found to be the most difficult yet rewarding factor you have to tackle out on the water. When you approach your ideal spot or area you want to fish, you need to first know which way the wind is blowing. What I like to do is position myself to where the wind pushes you past your spot. Which can result in a successful drift past your spot giving you a window to make some good accurate casts and hopefully produce some fish. Another little trick I’ve learned is to take advantage of your surroundings! Let’s say you padding down the bank and the wind is howling, but you see an ideal brush pile you’d like to fish, but the winds blowing too hard for you to stop and really pick it apart. If thats the case, look around! Try and find some solid structure to attach your kayak too, like flooded timber, brush, or something of that nature that could work as a solid anchor. If you’re still having trouble with wind, there are a few products that may help. PowerPole makes a shallow water anchor that works perfect in wind and harsh conditions. If you don’t have the money to spend on a PowerPole there are plenty more products to chose from. Personally, I like the River Stick, its a manual version of the PowerPole, but works just as well and easily, plus its a fraction of the cost.
As you can see wind can play a major role in your kayak outing but if you know how to manage it, you can have a very successful day out on the water. Its all about taking advantage of your surroundings and using the wind to your benefit. If you can remember these things your day can go from frustrating and unsuccessful, to relaxing and and productive. But the biggest thing is, just keep a positive mind set and have fun! If you can do that you’ll never have a bad day on the water.