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This video comes from two trips I made to a spot I don’t know very well on LA Highway 1, heading down SE towards Grand Isle from New Orleans. I had a relatively challenging summer of sight fishing, and I had been really looking for that one day where it all comes together. That first day finally delivered with perfect conditions, and a ton of redfish. I lost track, but I was around 16 or 17 fish for the day, all landed by sight casting them. This is the kind of day that my Kilroy absolutely excels at – a decently long paddle (about 3 miles), followed by a lot of stand up paddling while searching for fish. The second day was about a week later, and conditions were a little tougher. We had to search a little bit for the fish, and they weren’t as thick in number as they had been the first week. Still got to try out some new camera mounting, and caught 7 fish on the day. You can see a little bit of footage of my fishing partner and I paddling our dueling Kilroys. I was pretty worn out on the second trip after over 9 miles of paddling on a hot day, and it sure was nice to get home safe and sound to my son and future fishing buddy (pictured in the last shot).

– Scott Myers