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After chasing after Bass mostly this season it was time for a change. Fall in Michigan lots of anglers turn to hunting which leaves our lakes and rivers vacant to some prime fishing. I decided to take to the Muskegon River for some fly fishing action. My plan was to go after rainbow trout as it had been almost a year since I last pursued them.
As the day started at the launch it was not looking well. The part of the river was heavily weeded and the dam was recently opened creating a heavy current. Still I came to fish so wasn’t letting that deter me from giving it my all. After getting off the launch I settled into a small spot that had produced for me in years past.

Throwing a spent gnat and green caddis fly there was a little action on the surface to get me excited. As daylight broke my line went taunt. Knew it was something small as I pulled my line in. Was a little shad snacking on my spent gnat. Was not even disappointed as it was great to get the tug on the fly again.
Some time passed as I got another hit and catch of a small red horse sucker. Colorful little guy but not what I was looking for. After a few moves throughout the day I came to a spot that the water erupted around my Coosa HD. Two king salmon took off as I had spooked them. With the weather we had been having and the amount of weeds I had assumed that they wouldn’t be up in the section of river I was fishing.

I finally had a small rainbow take the fly just down from where the salmon fled. In delight of seeing the brilliant colors come through the water I brought it to the net. It promptly threw the hook and took off. In defeat and seeing some more King salmon dart through the area I gave in. I went for my heavy weight fly rod and prepared it for battle. Large egg sucking leech was the fly of choice. Third throw out one of the darting salmon came into sight. I redirected my throw and put it upstream.
I saw the Salmon dodge to the right. Thought he had seen my fly line as it was coming downstream. I stated pulling some line in to make another cast. I felt weight and my adrenaline kicked in because I knew then the salmon had taken the fly. The reel started screaming as the salmon made a break for the current. Kicking up water and peeling line I held on considering that this maybe the end of my fly rod.

The Salmon made three runs out into the current. Each time I had a sinking feeling that each of the runs was bound to break my leader or my rod. I had thought on the third run that the salmon was worn out enough to be netted. It had other plans in mind and made a fourth run just as it was in net range. That was it, it had enough and was in the net.
After some pictures the salmon was release back into the river and it thundered away. I had not taken my kayak on a river trip such as what this one turned to be. I am already planning another trip soon to go back after the rainbow trout that eluded me. If luck and timing will have it I maybe back to chasing kings.

– Adam Judge