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About three weeks ago I got this unexpected and -at the time- kinda weird friend request on Facebook.

It was this Aussie guy that started a group chat with another friend of mine.  I can’t recall the exact words but it went something like this: “Hey mates, I will be taking the train from British Columbia to Toronto tomorrow and it will take me about five days.  I will be touring the city, will visit Niagara and about three days later I will be arriving in Ottawa.  I have never caught a bass before.  I’m bringing a rod, a reel and some tackle.  I’m an experienced kayak fisherman and would love to spend some time with you during my visit to Ottawa…”

I’ll admit it, he had me at “bass”.  I asked  my friend James, the other guy in the convo, who the heck was this guy and James was just as bedazzled as me, but he happened to share our same passion.  So, what the heck, I booked a day off at work and met up with Bill (that’s his name), had breakfast together and met James at the boat launch.

I have to say it, it was hard to understand his thick Australian accent but the good thing is that fishing is a universal language.  Bill is a gentleman and a hoot to spend time with.  Needless to say, he’s a great angler and managed to catch lots of nice sized smallmouth and largemouth bass.

I am happy that the fish didn’t disappoint our new friend.  Our smile says it all!

They kept me entertained too. Check out this video!

Tight lines and keep those lures wet!

Roberto Briones (DrB.)
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