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That time of the year again where I pack the van and head south for a couple of days to one of our clubs annual meets.
I fished this venue with great success last year tho my target species at the time was to catch my first smooth hound or as some may know it as a gummy shark in other parts of the world…… Well I failed!!!!

This year I really was not to bothered with the competition my main objective was to catch the smooth hound as I really did not want to miss my chance for the second year in a row.

There a strange little species as the method of fishing for them is quite different as to what I’m normally use too.
They seam to favour sandy areas or the south east coast of Ireland in strong tide so anchoring on the kayak in this is not for the inexperienced, and the rig set up consists of a simple size 2/0 or 3/0 hook on a running ledger rig baited with green crab (peeler crab) and fished hard on the bottom.

Once on the choose mark and my baits on the bottom it wasn’t long before the action started…. and it continued for quite some time as the dog fish where non stop stealing the baits. Fighting through the dogs the odd flat fish (Dab) was a nice surprise now and again……..Then something different picked up one of the baits and screamed of pealing line from my reel, first thoughts was that it could have been a nice bull huss as iv caught them the previous year here, but when I lifted the lid and struck I new it was something totally different and after a great fight I had it on my lap!!!!!!
My first smooth hound…… an as the day continued I caught two more.
It was a great weekend with great company as with all our club meets and I look forward to next years….