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Super stoked on how well 2017 was. I can’t wait for next year. Here are some of my favorite new rapids, new tricks, and my highlight video!


Favorite New Rapids:
• Next Generation
• Everything on Oh Be Joyful
• High water clear creek in Antix
• Supermax Rapid- Bailey canyon
• Spirit Falls/ Chaos
• Boulder Sluice
• Getting Busy
• Big Brother/Little Brother

New Tricks:
• Right Phonix Monkey
• Left Phonix Monkey
• Right Mcnasty
• Left Lunar orbit
• Right orbit
• Left Clean blunt
• Right clean blunt
• Left back pan am
• Left pan am
• Macho move – kick flip

Event Results

• 2nd place Golden Games Pro division
• 7th place BV junior rodeo
• 4th Place U.S. team trials
• 16th or 18th place Gopro games
• 4th Place Gunnison Games expert divison
• 1st place Gore fest Expert divison

• 3rd place Screaming ¼ mile race- Short boat
• 2nd place Screaming ¼ mile race – Long boat
• 9th place Numbers race – Long boat
• low-mid 20s Homestake race (cant find results and I don’t remember them)
• 3rd place Poudre Gnarrows race (non official boater X)
• 3rd place Gore Canyon race – Short boat