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This is the time of year in which we tend to think beyond ourselves. In the spirit of giving we begin to donate to other causes, buy gifts for friends, and become grateful for what we have. While you’re getting into the holiday spirit I would like to remind you not only to be grateful for your possessions and loved ones, but also to be grateful for your river experiences and the amazing land we get to enjoy while escaping to the river. Find your favorite organization (or two..) and donate to them. Don’t forget that they fight for our river rights and land rights. Pick a local or national organization.

Obviously, American Whitewater is an amazing organization to donate to. Did you know that if you use Amazon Smile you can choose AW as your organization for Amazon to donate to? Everytime I make a purchase though Amazon, I do it through Amazon Smile, which means every time I purchase something a portion of that purchase goes to AW.

Photo Credit to Patty Shultz

Locally in the Southeast, a great organization to think about is the TSRA, Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association. The TSRA is an amazing organization in that they work on conservation of Tennessee rivers, build access to rivers, AND they actually donate to other organizations that have conservation efforts. Not to mention all of the paddling schools and education they offer to paddlers.

Not to get all “Sarah McLachln” on you, but now more than ever our rivers and playgrounds are at risk. Most of the best days of my life have been spent on or near the river. Some of my best friendships have formed through kayaking. When I think about what I’m grateful for, my river time definitely takes one of the top spots, and I bet it does for you too.

Happy Holidays,