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If I were to pick my favorite place to kayak fish, it would definitely be the marshes of Delacroix, LA. It is literally where the road ends down deep in the marshes of the Mississippi Delta. The scenery is absolutely incredible and the fishing is even better!
First of all you have redfish. These powerful machines roam in water that can be under a foot deep. Often you get to sight fish these giants. Seeing that tail waving at you above the surface will fire up anybody that has experienced it. Then to make the perfect cast and see the tail kick and a wake fly at your bait is something that I wont even try to explain. Often the waters we fish flats boats cannot even enter. The kayak is definitely the way to go. Catching fish over 10 pounds in weight in incredibly shallow water is something that will never get old to me.
Speckled trout also school up in the winter and can be caught by the hundreds when the bite is hot. They are very aggressive and hit like a freight train, and are very good at the dinner table if you like to eat fish.
Another cool thing about Delacroix is that all the water is brackish, which is a mixture of salt water and freshwater. So along with redfish, trout, sheepshead, and the occasional flounder, you can catch largemouth bass. There is something that is just neat about catching a redfish and on the next cast catching a bass!
So if you are looking for an incredible trip with excellent fishing and beautiful views, the endless marshes of Delacroix, LA is the place to go!