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It was the first trip since fishing with the JK Media House crew. I was meeting up with a couple of friends from one of my local clubs. We were launching at a familiar area, Pointe Aux Chenes (where I’d fished a week earlier), but launching at a different location. I still had most of the same lures tied on, and being that it was a “for fun” trip, I wasn’t concerned about retying anything.

After arriving at the launch, exchanging pleasantries and getting set-up… I headed north to a grass flat that I’d been scouting for a while. After catching a trout on the way there, I immediately started seeing signs of fish. The only problem was that with the sun low, sight-fishing was not easy. I’d been throwing my favorite Bugg Curl-tail Jig (always a confidence lure for me), but today it wasn’t working. I needed to make long casts and a weedless bait. Enter the Z-Man Paddlerz that Brooks had given me a week prior. I’d made my second cast with that lure, and it was Fish On!

Rather than bore you with the monotonous details of the next several casts… I’ll let you check out the video.

In short – as the day went on, and as the sun got higher, I knew sight-casting would become easier. I tried a few more times to try the Bugg, but they just weren’t having it. The Z-Man continued to produce for me until I left.

Thanks to the Elaztech material they use to mold these soft plastics, I never once had to change out my bait. Just start casting, and hold on!