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I enjoy fishing in saltwater and freshwater out of a kayak but unfortunately most of my buddies prefer the tug on the line by either a bull redfish, a gator trout or a doormat flounder; I’m in the saltwater a little more often. One of the things that I have learned about saltwater fishing from a kayak is that you are putting your gear in the worst conditions whether that gear is your rods, reels, kayak, your vehicle, etc. I have been pretty good about keeping my rods and reels clean after a trip in search of reds, specks or flounder. I never have been that concerned about the collection of saltwater on the kayak and the bed of my truck. Then one day my tailgate started rusting and falling apart. After saving some money to replace the rotting tailgate with a new one I decided to come up with a solution to minimize the salt build up on the truck and my other equipment.

This solution is the RinseKit. The Rinse Kit is a portable shower that has the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries. So how does it work? You fill can use several methods to fill up the bladder with 2 gallons of water. I use the outside water spigot. It takes 20 seconds to fill and pressurize the unit at roughly 65 psi. I have used the RinseKit to spray my rods and reels, the bottom of the kayak before loading in the bed of the truck, the Power Pole and other gear that might be affected with saltwater corrosion.

How that I’m on the water testing and fishing from the Coosa FD; I find the RinseKit a valuable tool to spray down the Flex Drive. I have been fishing inshore for redfish and speckled trout with the Coosa FD in fact the pedal system has me reaching out into waters that I have not fished before. With being able to expand my fishing areas away from the launch sites I’m enjoying more time on the water. Once back at the launch I’m able to do a quick cleaning of my equipment and the Flex Drive with the RinseKit so that when I get home I’m able to do a better job with the garden hose.