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Spanning from of the rugged rocky mountains in the west to the flowing grain fields on the eastern side of the province, lies the landlocked province of Alberta. One could wax poetic for hours about the beautiful flora and fauna, its majestic mountains, or it’s sense of community and pride. It’s a beautiful province and thankfully home.

Kayak fishing opportunities abound throughout the province, record breaking fish from numerous different species await the patient and skillful kayak angler. Walleye, trout , pike, perch, whitefish, and burbot would be targeted most often, with record breaking specimens at numerous lakes throughout the province. The less common sauger and sturgeon are also worth a pursuit in one of our many rivers.

A quick edit on bass. Yes, you’re right, bass wasn’t mentioned, unfortunately for some, there are no bass in Alberta waters. (legends and rumours abound about bass but, I’ve never heard more then a tall tale of a days gone by stocking failure of the elusive bucketmouth).

If kayak fishing tournaments are your thing, then 2018 is the year for you in Alberta. As one of western Canada’s most prestigious tournaments the Eastslope Kayak fishing Classic is on, as per usual, with its amazing prizes, awesome fishing, camping and friends both new and old. The dedicated Eastslope tournament director Mike Zilowsky has out done himself this year with the creation of the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail with numerous stops throughout Alberta, including a saltwater stop at the beautiful, Moutcha Bay Resort on Vancouver island in British Columbia. Check out the link below for information, it’s going to be an exciting year for kayak fishing competition here in Alberta.

Gearing up, in Alberta, isn’t hard with local shops like Aquabatics Calgary. They are a huge supporter of kayak fishing and kayaking in general throughout Alberta. They can supply all things Jackson kayak and can help get your boat setup for a lunker here in our little slice of heaven we call Alberta.

If your visiting, bring your boat. If you’re in need of adventure, plan a trip. From the beautiful mountain lakes like Minnewanka to the massive lake trout fishery in Cold lake or the gargantuan pike in the north, I bet you’ll have an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Andrew Watt
Jackson Kayak Regional Team.

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